Kim Davis should go to jail for the rest of her life.

Recently a County Clerk in Kentucky refused to give out marriage certificates to all couples, gay or straight, while federal courts told her that she must sign the marriage certificates. The courts threatened her with going to jail in Contempt of Court charges if she didn’t relent, and she refused. So she’s now in jail.

She should spend the rest of her life in jail for committing the worst crime known to man; shoving liberal hypocrisy and corruption out into the open for all to see. What did she think this is, the United States of America? LAUGHABLE! What did this democrat woman think she is, a fully elected county government official? HILARIOUS! She is currently a serf in the People’s Democratic Republic of the Black Robe (PDRBR).

This new “democracy” can’t survive in the full light of day. Laws no longer matter. The constitution is un-important. The words contained in that “living document” don’t mean what they say, they mean what the PDRBR say that they mean. The only thing that matters is the dictates of 9 un-impeachable statist lawyers who hold office for life.

The PDRBR can’t tolerate free thinking. It can’t tolerate the hypocrisy of the Federal Government demanding something, that isn’t Federal Law, that the State must provide even though it isn’t State Law, either. It can’t tolerate announcing the hypocrisy of fabricating words into a constitution that aren’t there, and ignoring the words that are there. Any body that says this openly is a heretic, and must be purged!

That is why Kim Davis should spend the rest of her life in Jail. An example needs to be made of all Ex-Americans that the American Constitution, Laws, and Freedom no longer apply here in the People’s Democratic Republic of the Black Robe.

And while we’re at it, we should jail all those bakers who refuse to bake cakes for gay weddings. Freedom of choice, association, and business are outdated concepts that must (figuratively) burn with the criminal bakers. Obedience to the PDRBR will be achieved by rote and lash.

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The costs of Immigration

Except for a few situations like temporary migrant workers, it is largely a myth that illegal immigrants get paid a low wage. Illegals often get paid roughly the same wage as regular citizens do, but it’s all in cash with no taxes. I don’t know if you’ve ever run a business, but your employer pays extra taxes, fines and fees over and above what he pays you, often times to the tune of 50-100% of your base pay. I.E. Your salary may be X, but it costs an employer to pay you 2X.
One of the largest drivers of Poverty in this country is immigration, both legal and illegal. On one hand you have illegals taking jobs of low-skill workers pushing them into Welfare Programs. But like I mentioned before, because they aren’t paying taxes, they are driving down the wage scale for anyone who works in a similar job (be it construction, McDonalds, or just menial labor). Someone once said, “A rising tide lifts all ships,” and the inverse is true. Driving down the wages of all workers, legal or not, drives down the general wealth of society.
On the other hand you have Legal Immigration, which is also one of the main factors driving Poverty in this country, namely through H1B Visas. Ideally the H1B program is used to “cherry pick” highly skilled people from other countries in order to fill highly technical jobs in the United States. In reality, the H1B program is used to bring in outside cheap labor to take over jobs that are already filled. In essence they are importing their outsourcing. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories recently about workers being forced to train their own replacement H1B workers, who should be skilled but aren’t.
This may seem like a Xenophobic rant, and I’m sure a few brainless liberals will dismiss it as such.  But there is nothing to be afraid of concerning the immigrants themselves.  These people just want to make their lives better.  That doesn’t mean we have to or even should let them make their lives better at the expense of our lives and way of living.  What we should be afraid of are the politicians in both parties that sell out the American worker in order to appease big business or the bleeding hearts concerned for the welfare of people who aren’t Americans.  We should be afraid of Politicians that gleefully sell Americans into servitude of the Social Welfare system.  It is no coincidence that as Illegal Immigration is spiking with promises of amnesty and outright cash bonuses for being Illegals, and that businesses are laying off workers to hire H1B workers that more Americans than ever are on Welfare, Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and countless other programs.
It is the largest case of double-dealing I’ve ever seen.  The politicians expect to get (and probably will get) the votes of the Illegal Immigrants when they get amnesty.  The politicians expect to get (and probably will get) the votes of the American Workers that no longer have jobs after getting them enrolled in every social program on the face of the earth.  They want the votes of the people who were fired and the people who got them fired.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
My next post will concern how to fix the situation.  And it’ll be a little bit more detailed then just “kick them all out.”
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End of the American Dream.

I saw an article online here:  That talks about how there is no more upwards mobility at all, and that the American Dream is dead.  I was going to do a short comment, but it turned out much longer instead.


Unfortunately, the professor is correct, but not in the way he thinks. The reason that the “American Dream” has died is because true Capitalism in this country has died. There was a time when someone could work hard, save and spend their money wisely, and when the time was right, take the big step up into a new social “class.” But it doesn’t exist anymore. It can’t exist at the same time that Socialism does.

These days TRILLIONS are spent EVERY YEAR to cure “Poverty”, and yet not a single person who is poor suddenly becomes not poor because of it. However, all the people working hard suddenly can’t get ahead because a large portion of their taxes are seized to pay for these programs. And like I’ve stated before, government taxing, borrowing, and spending is inherently destructive to the US Economy, causing a net loss of value.

These days the borders are just imaginary lines that illegal immigrants feel no guilt crossing. With the influx of tens of millions of no skill illegal immigrants, it drives the wage scale for everyone down, but most importantly, it drives the wages down for no skill Americans. How can we expect anyone to get ahead when we eagerly allow criminals to cut the feet off of our own American citizens?

These days the government debt drives ever higher and higher. And I’m not just talking about the $16,000,000,000,000 that the federal government owes. You have to consider the other “Unfunded Liabilities” that US government at all levels (federal, state, and local) owes. The pension money promised that isn’t there. The Social Security money promised that isn’t there. The medicare money promised that isn’t there. The “churning” (look it up) that the governments do on their debt to avoid paying back money now, won’t have near enough money to pay it back in the future. All of this adds up to about $200,000,000,000,000 . And that $200 trillion (11.5 times MORE than the claimed $16 trillion) is just estimated, using current lifespans. It will likely be more.

With these boat anchors hanging around the neck of Americans and their economy, there will not be any upward mobility until the problem is fixed.


Sorry it has been so long since I’ve posted anything.  I found myself neck deep in work (which is a good thing), but now that’s slowed down a bit.  I now have time to try to learn a new skill to get new work, and focus on some of the old drafts I have here.

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If you aren’t willing to win the war, you shouldn’t wage a war.

The United States has waged many wars since WW2, and it has lost every single one of them.  Which, if you think about it, is a damned impressive thing to do when it wins almost all of the battles it enters.  So what went wrong?  Many things, which I will discuss in this essay.

The first point is this assumption that American Soldiers are troopers blessed by god that are incapable of being harmed.  While it may be hyperbole to think of them in that way, the fact stands that no matter how the masses think of our Soldiers, they believe them to be remarkably superior to everything that stands before them.  That an American Serviceman is not just as vulnerable to a single bullet as an enemy combatant.

If you place American Soldiers in a war, I can guarantee that some of them will die.  There is no way around this.  All of the best preventative technology doesn’t help the Soldier once a bullet hits their flesh or a bomb detonates next to them.  You don’t have to be happy about American Soldiers dieing and being killed in battle, but panicking like we’ve lost because it has happened accomplishes nothing.  If you aren’t willing to take casualties, you shouldn’t be willing to wage war.  And since you WILL take casualties, you need to decide if it’s worth it to wage war.

The next counterproductive idea to war is this bogus concept that we should “Win the Hearts and the Minds.”  To prove that this is bogus, let’s compose a little experiment.  I want you to march across town, pick a random house, trash the little kid’s room, kick the owner’s dog, and then as hard as possible, punch the owner in his face.  Then ask yourself, “Will this guy ever be my friend?”  If you answered yes, that means you are probably still in kindergarten and I’m impressed that you are attempting to read this blog which is way above your reading comprehension level.

You can never be friends with someone you wage war on.  Never.  Like I said, you are figuratively trashing his house, kicking his dog, and then assaulting his person.  You will *NEVER* be friends.  You may beat him in a War, but he’ll never be your friend.  He might not be your enemy, and might become an ally of convenience, but he’s not ever going to be your friend.

Now that you know this irrefutable fact, or at least understand it better, you can go to war and actually beat your enemy.  If he’s not going to be your friend, the next best thing is to crush him so utterly that he’s terrified of being your enemy.  This is why the doctrine of “Winning the Hearts and Minds” is an utter failure.  A half hearted war doesn’t win the war, nor does it ever accomplish making a friend out of your enemy.  All it does is expose your Soldiers to getting killed, and give heart and victories to the enemy that is not out to make friends.

The next point is the fact that every single war that America waged in which we used “Total War,” we won, and every single war that America waged in which we did not, we lost.  War itself is abhorrent, and knowing that your enemy is not going to be your friend, you must be willing to do whatever it takes to force your enemy to unconditionally surrender.  More people died in the fire bombings of Germany than did in both nuclear bombs on Japan.  But both countries surrendered.

Now take a look at some counter examples.  The United States had nuclear arms on hand during the Korean War, yet refused to nuke the millions of chinese that stormed the borders of North Korea.  In one sudden strike the United States would have killed millions of enemy troops that had no part in the war, but who would eventually cause many, many American Casualties, eventually leading to a stalemate.  To this day, the United States is still technically at war with North Korea.  One quick strike, even though it would have been utterly violent in nature would have crippled TWO enemy countries, won the war, and freed North Korea from the communists’s grasp.

Next take a look at the war in Vietnam.  From the beginning it was waged by the yellow bellied cowards who attempted to “Win the Hearts and Minds.”  American and Allied forces did *not* attack the communists in the north.  They invaded South Vietnam and attempted to fight back from there.  There were embargoes on American forces from attacking targets in the North.  Instead, almost all attacks were on targets in the south, often accomplishing nothing.  Only when the Allied Forces wanted to get concessions out of the Communists did they attack the north.  And even then, the attacks were severely restricted.  You know the result.  America fought to win the Hearts and Minds, didn’t win either, and felt every single death as nothing was accomplished.  We argued for a truce, got it, and then the moment we were gone the communists stormed the border slaughtering millions.

The consequences of such cowardice are felt in other places, too.  Cambodia Communists, seeing that America would spend so much time and effort to lose a war felt emboldened and just outright murdered millions of professors, scientists, educated people, and other conservatives outright.


So where does this lead us?  To several places.  First, you have to understand that soldiers are going to die.  If you’re not willing to have a lot of soldiers get killed in war, you shouldn’t be willing to go to war.  Next, you aren’t going to be friends with someone you wage war on.  So there is no reason to hold back in attempting to defeat them.  Lastly, and possibly most importantly, you *must* be willing to do anything to win.  Or more to the point, you must be willing to do anything to get your enemy to surrender.

Before the end of World War 2 the Emperor of Japan was literally a God to the Japanese people.  Dropping two atom bombs on Japan literally changed their society when the Emperor came forward, admitted that he wasn’t a god, that the Japanese people shouldn’t die for him, and that they should surrender.


If you aren’t willing to do those three things to win, you shouldn’t be willing to wage war at all.  If you weren’t willing to drop nukes on the Chinese crossing the North Korean border, you shouldn’t be in Korea at all.  If you aren’t willing to attack North Vietnam directly, you shouldn’t be in Vietnam at all.  If you aren’t willing to depose mass-murderer Saddam Hussein, you shouldn’t be in Iraq at all.  If you aren’t willing to take tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of casualties, you shouldn’t go to war.

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The most evil mal-interpretation of the constitution yet.

There are many awful interpretations of the United States Constitution by the Supreme Court.  For example, the Hugo Black interpretation of the First Amendment to suddenly include a “Separation of Church and State” into the amendment that didn’t exist in any precedent, or federalist papers.  In one stroke, he completely changed the Constitution.  What was once “Freedom *OF* Religion” became “Freedom *FROM* Religion.”

Or take the recent Supreme Court rulings against the Second Amendment, where instead of ruling that there can be no limits on the Right to Bear Arms, like the Second Amendment says, states and local municipalities are allowed to limit the Right to Bear Arms.  There should be an entity above the Supreme Court that is able to purge their unconstitutional rulings on the spot, and punish those court members for getting it wrong.

But there is one ruling that has had a worse effect than all the other Supreme Court rulings.  And that is of the Commerce Clause of the Constitution.  To understand the Commerce Clause, you need to understand the history of the United States at the founding.

After the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the United States came together not under the Constitution, but under the Articles of Confederation.  Unlike the Constitution that had a strong, centralized Federal Government with the States having a seat at the table, the Confederate States had each of the States having an equal share of power, with the Federal Government having a seat at the State’s table.  Basically it was a government by state committee, instead of a centralized government with state input and participation.

The Confederated States of America was an abysmal failure.  As with any committee run by perfect equals across the board, everyone thought they were the best and could do everything they wanted.  Each state started minting their own money.  They started writing their own decrees and tax laws.  And most importantly, they started to levy taxes and tariffs on the other states as goods were shipped and sold across state borders.

The entire economy of the Confederated States of America folded like a cheap tent.  When each individual state’s economy crashed, they started levying heavier and heavier taxes on their own economies, and worse tariffs on imports.  (Sound familiar? Side Note:  There was actually one state that chose not to do this and thrived under the CSA.  That state was Rhode Island.  Not coincidentally, Rhode Island didn’t want to participate in the Constitutional Convention.)

So come time to have a second try at writing our controlling documents for the future of the United States, the founding fathers came up with this:

“To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”

Unironically, when it says that the federal government has the power to regulate Commerce among the several states, it means exactly that.  And no more.  It does not mean that the Federal Government gets to do whatever it wants.  It does NOT mean that the Federal Government can interfere with business and industry.  it does NOT mean that the Federal Government gets to crush business under onerous regulations.  It does NOT mean that if the Federal Government passes a law or regulation that it gets sole authority, and power to rule on that forever more.

Knowing the history of our Country, it EXPLICITLY means that the States are not allowed to tax and tariff each other.  Nothing more.

What is ironic is that the Commerce Clause has been perverted to the ends of Earth and back, and that the very one thing it was written to prevent is allowed to continue.  For example, recently States have begun taxing out of state purchases on the internet.  This is explicitly forbidden in the United States Constitution!

In my opinion, far more damage has been done to our country with this mal-interpretation of the US Constitution than any other bumbling idiot’s misinterpretation.


Hi all!  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Business has been picking up (from nothing to something), and while I have a lot of essay ideas floating around, I wasn’t able to sit down and finish one until this post.

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A “Service” economy is a dead economy.

You’ve probably often heard that the United States is transforming from a Manufacturing Economy to a Service Economy, and that is OK!  What a bunch of crap.

(See: for a discussion on some of the concepts in this post.)

If everyone in our new Service Economy now works at a Service Job, who exactly are we Servicing?  If no one is actually creating any wealth, then what Wealth are the Service Businesses trading?  Let me give you an example.

Many of you have been to a Home Depot.  Inside the exit or entrance often there is a Hot Dog stand.  This Hot Dog Stand is a service business.  They serve customers or employees of Home Depot with good hot dogs.  Very few seek out the Hot Dog stand and ignore the Home Depot itself.

But we are in a Service Economy now!  So let’s transform the Home Depot into Hot Dog Depot.  We’ll be fine with a Service Economy, right?  Now there is no place to get home building supplies, but there’s two Hot Dog joints right next to each other!  The people that work at the original hot dog joint no longer have the foot traffic of people going from the parking lot to Home Depot buying hot dogs.  And now the big warehouse just sells hot dogs, too!

How many people would go out of their way to visit a large Hot Dog Stand?  Or even two Hot Dog Stands?  Who is going to pay for all these hot dogs?  Where is all the money going to come from to pay for the hot dog employees?

After that, where is the money going to come from to buy something that isn’t a hot dog?  These people are now in a Service Economy, offering services to people who don’t have any money, and don’t need or want that many hot dogs.  And if they ever need building supplies, they now have to look outside of the Service Economy (i.e. The United States) to buy it.  So any and all money that would be used to buy services is suddenly going elsewhere.

It is no coincidence that we see cities die when their manufacturing leaves.  If a service economy is OK, then why isn’t Detroit booming?  Why aren’t the dozens and dozens of steel towns across the United States booming after the rug got pulled out from under them after WW2?

A service economy is akin to trying to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom at a rate slower than it’s leaking out.  Eventually the whole thing will be empty and any water you try to pour in will go through the hole at the bottom without ever touching the bucket.

Anyone who tries to sell you on a “Service Economy” is either, A.) Not smart enough to understand or mentally plot out the consequences, or B.) Does know better but is trying to accomplish something more sinister.

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Education doesn’t make the world better.

Education does not make the world better.  This is probably the most un-PC thing I could possibly say in this modern world.  I think I would make more friends if I had admitted believing Justin Bieber is as talented as Mozart.

Education is not the Panacea to solving all the world’s ills.  Or to solving most of the world’s ills.  Or to solving even a couple of the world’s ills.  It doesn’t even solve any of America’s problems.  Don’t believe me?  Let me offer a couple examples.

Imagine, for a moment, a Pony.  That is not a metaphor, I mean an actual tiny horse.  Then take that Pony, and put a calculus book in front of it.  And then give the Pony a tutor to help teach it advanced mathematics.  Education makes the world better, right?  Have we made the Pony’s world better?  Have we improved the Pony at all?  Is the farm a better place because we put a calculus text book in front of the Pony, and spoke at the Pony for weeks on end?

Nope.  The Pony isn’t better off now that we’ve tried to teach it calculus, mainly for two reasons.  First is that the person / pony we are trying to educate has to be capable of learning.  A Pony is an extreme example of a creature that has little ability to understand basic mathematics, much less complicated mathematics.  But it applies to people as well.  Not everyone is capable of learning calculus or differential equations.  Secondly, the person / pony has to want to learn.  You could take the world’s smartest pony and try to teach it calculus, but the pony won’t care when all it wants to do is eat grass.

So let’s take a look at another extreme example.

Let us take every single person, without exception, and educate them to be a Mechanical Engineer.  Think about this spectacular idea!  Think of all the things that a Mechanical Engineer needs to know in order to graduate.  They’ll need to know business, management, finances, mathematics, thermodynamics, structural engineering, electrical engineering…  And we won’t let a single person fail.  They’ll be forced to repeat everything until passing.  How much better would society be if every single person is guaranteed to know all these things?

Wait, what do you mean that there aren’t 30 million Mechanical Engineering Jobs created every year?  Wait, who are we going to hire to be a Doctor after not a single person went to med school?  Wait, who are we going to hire to run our nuclear power plants?  Wait, what do you mean “what are we going to do with the 29,999,000 Mechanical Engineers that can’t find a Mechanical Engineering job?”  Wait, what do you mean, “how are we going to pay for this?”

Again, it is extreme example to highlight the point.  How about another?

Since every kid *deserves* an education, and education is a right (see previous posts), it is immoral to grade children based off of their performance.  We’re giving them something that is theirs by right, so why bother judging them?  So let’s take every kid, talk at them for 17 years, and hand them an embossed piece of paper that costs $100,000 without them ever having put forth an ounce of effort.

So you’re now sitting there with a stack of resumes 40 deep.  And every single one of them is identical.  Each kid was given an education, and not a single one was ever tested on it.  Which person do you hire?


All of these are extreme examples meant to highlight the absurd, but they are all based in truth.  We plop kids down in front of information, yet don’t build into them the need to seek the rewards for performing well, and to avoid the consequences of doing poorly.  We think that by making everyone a college graduate that somehow the world is going to be different.  That somehow a failing economy will not be failing for whatever absurd reason they can conjure just because we’ve loaded up hoards and hoards of 20 year olds with ridiculous amounts of debt.

We think that since a pie-in-the-sky ideal of an “education” is the ultimate goal that kids shouldn’t be graded and failed.  We judge schools not based off of the difficulty of the program, or the quality of the graduates, but by the percent who graduate regardless of the means.


And all of it… Is to what end?  I have difficulty believing that it is pure, unadulterated incompetence that is driving America and its kids off the cliff in a short bus.



Hi all!  Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote anything.  I really do have a pile of half-written posts that are languishing under the weight of poorly written prose.  This post in specific was written sort of in response to two of my state’s candidates for governor.  They treat “Education” like its a holy word that shan’t be blasphemed.  They treat it as a cure all that we are fools for not having seen it earlier.  See my previous post: about specific things that can be done to fix the Education system in America.

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