Lack of Shame.

One of the greatest problems with America as it stands, is its current Lack of Shame.  Shame is the feeling your conscience gets when caught doing something you are not proud of.  It’s hard to describe it without using the word Shamed, or Ashamed.

Let me give you two examples.

Al Roker recently talked about a visit to the White House.  Apparently one of the consequences of Stomach Surgery to fix Obesity is lack of solid stool, so that you are unaware of the difference between a fart, and liquid poo.  So basically while visiting the White House Al Roker thought he had to fart.  He tried to quietly fart to himself, and ended up shitting his pants.  But worse still, he admitted doing this.  He announced to the world that he shit his pants.  And that he did it in the white house.  Everyone now knows that Al Roker shit his pants at the White House, and that Al Roker thinks its funny.

This is the kind of secret that men would take to their graves while staying up at night secretly dreading that someone should find out.  This is the kind of secret that if someone tried to blackmail you for, you’d either consider paying the blackmailer, or killing him.

This is the kind of secret where in a society that should be shamed by such actions, is proudly pronounced off the rooftops.

How about another example.

After the 777 plane crash in San Francisco, there was an article about the people of South Korea.  The gist of the article was that the people of South Korea were shamed because of the crash.  The entire country felt shame that a pilot and a co-pilot weren’t able to perform up to standards, and that people suffered because of it.  Here is a group of people that 99.9999999% had nothing to do with the training of the pilot, the servicing of the plane, the IL System being down, or being on the plane, yet they feel shame for the performance of a single person.

Look at the dichotomy.  On one hand you have one person proudly proclaiming something that a 5 year old would be ashamed of and try to hide, and on the other you have a group of people who feel shamed for something that they had no responsibility for.

This isn’t an isolated case for the United States, either.  Welfare, Food Stamps and other social programs used to be a safety net that were only taken by a person under extreme duress and need.  People were ashamed to use them, and rightfully so.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to be uplifted by the stolen fruits of another American’s labor.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to stand in the line at the grocery store and pull out Food Stamps.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to stand in an Unemployment line.

No longer.

Americans now get an EBT card that looks exactly like a Credit Card.  Americans now get an automated system they can call into or post online that grants them Unemployment Compensation.

Worse yet, governments of all levels have begun to advertise for people to get on the programs.  You see the Ads on TV and in the Radios.  And they are advertised as “Healthy Alternative Lifestyles” / life choices.  Like if someone wanted to lose weight they could just get on Food Stamps!

Americans brag about being on these programs.  They are only concerned with how they are going to get theirs, with no thought about how it is going to be paid for, who is going to pay for it, and when they’ll be able to pay it back.

There is no sense of shame left in this society.  How can we progress if people are not ashamed of their own actions?

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1 Response to Lack of Shame.

  1. tiffany267 says:

    Here’s looking at it another way: perhaps rather than too much shame we have a cultural deficit of self-esteem.

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