The easiest paths to solving America’s problems.

There are many problems in the United States, and few different ways to fix them.  But there is one thing we can do that is the easiest out of all the solutions, and would probably go the farthest to fixing the majority of our problems.

That is the Repeal of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Before the 17th amendment, United States Federal Government Senators were chosen and elected by the State Legislatures.  After, the Senators were chosen directly by the people very similarly to US Representatives.

But the founding fathers set it up that way for a specific purpose.  It explicitly gives the States a seat at the Federal Government’s Table.  If the people of the United States said, “We want to give every single person a quadrillion dollars!” the States would say, “We don’t have a quadrillion dollars for each person,” and vote no.

If the House of Representatives wrote a bill that said every state should lower the speed limit to 55 MPH, or lose all federal funding, the Senate, which is answerable to the states, would say no.  If the House of Representatives said that the drinking age should be raised to 21 or the states will lose federal highway funding, the Senators would say, “No thanks, we’ll handle our own affairs and not be bullied to do what we don’t want to do.”

But that all went up in a puff of smoke with the 17th Amendment.  Suddenly the Senators are answering to the people directly, and the states have no seat at the table.  At all.  And with mentioning that any talk of leaving the union will be met with violence, States no longer have any real power in governing the country, and governing themselves.

It is no coincidence that when both houses of the legislature are given directly to the people, that the people run hog wild.  It is no coincidence that we are sitting on more debt from the past 6 years than all the previous years combined ever created.  It is no coincidence that the country has started to fold when the people voted themselves a “Quadrillion dollars for every single person” (figuratively).

Repealing the 17th amendment would introduce a voice of reason to this Lord of the Flies scenario.  It would introduce an entity that knows absolutely that the money doesn’t magic out of thin air, and has to be paid for, one way or another.  This entity would vote “No” to any pork project because they know that its own individual state will be fleeced to pay for it.

Repealing the 17th amendment to the united states constitution would go the furthest to reintroducing sanity and order to our failing society.

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