Second easiest path to the solutions of America’s problems.

In my other post, I described how repealing the 17th Amendment would be the easiest solution for most of America’s problems.  The second easiest path is to repeal the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

There are some misconceptions about the 16th Amendment.  Most believe that the 16th Amendment legalized Income Taxes.  This is wrong.  Income taxes were always legal from the start of our Constitutional Republic.  There were many times when there was an Income Tax before the passage of the 16th Amendment.

What the 16th Amendment changed was how the income tax could be spent.  Before the 16th, every single cent collected through an income tax needed to be spent equally on everyone.  If the US contained 1 million people, and it collected $1 million from whatever income source, it would need to spend $1 on every single person.  After the 16th Amendment, the US Government could spend that $1 million however they wished.

Before the 16th, the US Government could be called to task for how it spent the collected income taxes, and if it was spent unequally, the tax would be void, and the money refunded.  As you can probably see, in a time with no Excel Spreadsheets, computers or calculators, it can very hard to spend everything equally.  So the result was that there wasn’t an income tax most of the time, and several times when there was an income tax that it was successfully challenged and repealed.

But after the 16th Amendment, they could spend it however they wish.  It is no coincidence that the worse excesses of Nanny-Statism, and government corruption only arose after the Senators and Representatives were not responsible for how they spent the money.  It is no coincidence that the rise of the Welfare State came after the 16th Amendment, and not before.  It is no coincidence that an entire class of people that were created and vote solely for the one political power that loot the treasury and give it to them, came into existence after the 16th Amendment was ratified.

The repeal of the 17th Amendment would introduce reason and restraint back into the legislative process.  The repeal of the 16th Amendment would introduce strict controls and restrictions on the legislative purse.  These repealed individually will do a lot to correct the course of the republic.  Repealed together and the republic would practically be saved.

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