Government is a destructive entity.

Yes, you read that right.  Government is a destructive entity.  It is NOT a constructive entity.  It is no coincidence that Government excels in all activities that are explicitly destructive in nature, and flounders in all activities that are constructive.  Even the most basic of Government functions is inherently destructive.

Government has three basic functions.  Every other function, cause, or crusade the Government tries to take up is inherently corrupt.  The first basic function of Government is to punish the criminals.  Note that it is not their job to actively prevent criminality, but to catch, and punish those that break the law.  The laws are set forth by the representatives of society, and it’s the job of the Government to find, catch, and punish those that break the laws.

The second basic function is that the Government is there to protect us from other Governments.  Not every country in the world is wholesome, nor wants to be friends.  So we need our own soldiers and the best military technology to protect us from their soldiers.  If you want peace, prepare for war.

The third basic function of Government is to protect the borders.  A country without borders is not a country at all.  There will always be people, criminals and outlaws that wish to raid the treasuries and resources of a country.  And if they raid across our border, and then back out, there is little our government can do to protect us.

Every other function or activity the Government tries to do is inherently destructive.  But Dannes, you may ask, how could doing something like curing cancer of the cute and cuddly puppies be destructive?  It is destructive because Governments cost money, and that money doesn’t magic itself into existence.  That money is taken under threat and penalty of death from the United States Citizens.

If you don’t pay your income taxes, what will happen?  They’ll send someone out to investigate you and charge you with a crime.  But what if you have all your money in cash?  They’ll get a judgement against you, and send someone out to collect it.  But what if you lock your doors?   Then they will send men out with guns to bust down your doors.  But what if you refuse to hand the cash over?  Then they will shoot and kill you.

That may seem like a stretch at first, but it is the ultimate end result of non-compliance with the Government.  Because of this, it serves as a measure of what the Government should be doing.  Is it worth it to kill one person who refuses to pay taxes when the tax revenue would be used to cure Puppy Cancer?  Of course not.

Is it worth it to kill one person who refuses to pay taxes that would be spent on our United States Military when the Barbarians are at the door?  Maybe.  The answer then isn’t “Yes,” but it’s definitely not a “No.”  If Canada invaded tomorrow and enslaves everyone, would that tax money that wasn’t collected from someone refusing to pay have helped?  Definitely.

If criminals were running wild and it was anarchy on the streets, could the tax money that is hiding overseas help catch and punish them?  Definitely.

Don’t think that the three basic functions are constructive, either.  The three basic functions of Government are destructive, too.  It’s just that the consequences of Government not performing them are more destructive than the damage they can do by attempting to fund their activities.

With this in mind, you start to get a sense about the Government, and how immoral most of its actions is.  Remembering that all taxation is based in deadly force, is it worth it to build a welfare system?  Is it worth it to be the World’s Police?  Is it worth it to kill one American in order to send literal pallets of $100 bills to other countries that don’t like us?

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