Lack of Judgements

One of the big problems with America, and in fact the world, is the Lack of Judgements.  Now, I don’t mean the problem is the “Lack of Judgement” in which a bunch of teenagers try to jump the creek using a dirt bike and a shopping cart.

I mean the Lack of Judgements, that is the ability to make a decision with your own mind and place that decision ahead of all the decisions of everyone else.  Basically to trust your own mind ahead of all the minds of other people.

I’ve been working on this article for a long time, but a very interesting conversation with my Sister pushed me into finishing it.  During the course of the conversation, I directly asked her if she trusted her own judgement above everyone else’s.  And she gave me the worst answer.  She didn’t say, “No.”  She absolutely refused to answer the question.  She couldn’t say, “Yes” that she trusted her own mind to make better judgements than all else, and she couldn’t say, “No” that she didn’t trust her own mind to make better judgements than anyone else.

This astounded me.  I grew up trusting my judgement as the most important thing in the world.  If anyone ever gave me an example of why something is the way it is, say for example out of pure coincidence a mathematical proof, I never trusted their judgement, but my own judgement to verify it.

Human Beings are the first animals in the world that grow up, evolve and advance not based off of the strength of their muscles, but off of the power of their brains.  Fire wasn’t invented by the mealy mouthed pussy who sat around wondering others were doing at the mouth of the cave.  Steel wasn’t invented by the coward who wondered how the other metallurgists would think of him.  The Automobile wasn’t mass produced for the first time by a tiny little man who didn’t know if he was right or wrong.

The world is made better by men and women who are willing to risk everything by saying, “I am right, and 7,113,699,999 people are wrong.”  These are the people that don’t ask for a conference committee and consider what the board says.

Unfortunately my sister isn’t the first person I’ve come across to not hold their own judgements above all else.

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