The Second Amendment is America’s Greatest Legacy.

Of all the offenses against real human rights, the removal of the right to Self Destiny is the worst.  What is the point of living if you can’t determine your own destiny?  This is why the second amendment is the most important of all.

There are many predators in the world.  Both with, and without government sanction.  The only thing that keeps them in check is both the ability to be just as lethal, and the willingness to be ready.

The Gun is the pinnacle of society.  And I’m not saying that flippantly.  There is no finer thing ever invented, or legal doctrine, or law, or philosophical statement that does more to make people equal to each other than the gun.

A thousand years back there was a hierarchy to the world.  The biggest barbarian swinging the biggest axe was the metaphorical 800 pound gorilla in the room.  He did what he wanted and there weren’t any men including groups of men that could stop him.  He could take what he wanted, eat what he wanted, rape what he wanted and coerce actions that he wanted.

At the opposite end of the spectrum at that time was the 4’6 tall 60 pound woman.  There wasn’t a single person that could do whatever they wanted to this person, and in reality there wasn’t a single thing she could do to stop it.

And now in present times this is not true.  Your 60 pound woman is just as equal as the biggest barbarian.  Why?  Not because of some judicial fiat or law.  A piece of paper is meaningless to an intruder in the middle of the night.  Because of something a philosopher said many centuries ago?  Ask a victim of a break in if quoting Plato would have saved them.

The 60 pound woman is the equal of the biggest barbarian because she is just as lethal as he is.  The giant axe wielded by the giant barbarian isn’t the deadliest weapon on the battlefield any more.  A tiny purse pistol is just as lethal to the human body as the largest hand cannon the barbarian can hold.

Suddenly people are equal.  Not because some men committed treason some 240 years ago by signing a piece of paper.  But because criminals and tyrants can no longer resort to coercion to get what they wanted.  A criminal can no longer demand your wallet because you can’t fight back.  A tyrant can no longer demand you swear fealty to a new crown because you are incapable of standing up for yourself.

That is why the 2nd Amendment is the greatest of all the Amendments.  This is why the right to bear Arms is the greatest of all Inalienable Rights.  It means far more than just going off to plink some aluminum cans.



Hi all!  Thanks for reading.  I have more lining up, but they are taking a lot more work to get in a finished state than I had planned.  They’ll be released when I know they are good enough.

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