What is a Job?

I know it seems like a silly question, but it goes to the heart of why the Liberals cause the economy to tank every single time they take over.  Without exception.

So what is a job?  It’s not simple.  A job is when a business hires a person to fulfill a business need.  What is a business need?  It is a lot more complex.  A business need is a task a business needs completed.  This task could be simple, or difficult.  It could require a new skill, or just a new person.

For example, let’s imagine a simple business with a boss and all of his construction laborers.  In this example, the boss does his managing of the job which takes 45 hours a week.  However, the boss also is running the office, making copies, shipping paperwork, taking phone calls…  This portion of the job takes 35 hours a week.  Assuming a 40 hour work week, the boss himself is working 2 full work weeks every week.

It’s important to understand that every person has a usable number of hours every full week (including saturday and sunday).  Let’s just say that this number is 60 hours a week.  After you take out sleep, meals, bathroom breaks, commuting / travel, and other miscellaneous but necessary activities there are 60 hours a week.  And at some point for a task that is difficult, a task’s efficiency starts to drop after a certain amount of time.  Let’s just say this number is 40 hours a week.

Back to our original example, not only is the boss killing himself trying to do everything, but he’s doing it inefficiently using a lot more time than he has.  The solution?  Hire a secretary to fulfill his business need.  One person, one job.  This one person performs an act that makes the entire business run better, more efficiently, during normal business time, and even though this person is paid with money, probably saves money for the business.

This is the perfect example of a Job that fulfills a Business Need.  Furthermore, this is all done with “Real” money.  And no, not all money is “Real.”  Only money earned and traded for jobs that are from business needs, from people to people, and business to business is real money.

Go back to the example.  Say the boss only manages for 20 hours a week, and organizes the office for 20 hours a week.  Does the business need a secretary?  What happens if the business doesn’t need a secretary, but hires the secretary anyway?  Does the business prosper?  Do the customers get the best deal for their money?

Nothing good comes out of hiring someone the business doesn’t need.  It’s called “Busy-Work.”  That person isn’t actually adding anything to the function and efficiency of the business.  While he may be paid with money like the real secretary, the money to pay him isn’t magicked into existence.  It comes from somewhere, most often, from the customer.  But since the Business isn’t actually offering a more tangibly more expensive good or service, the customer is buying the same thing for more.  One of two things will happen.  Either that person will bear the cost and have less to spend elsewhere, thus damaging the economy.  Or that person will choose another contractor and thus damage the economy.  Anyway you cut it, hiring someone the business doesn’t need doesn’t just hurt the business, but it hurts everyone.

Now, let’s take another example.  How about a Government entity artificially lowers the Full Time Week from 40 hours, down to 30 hours.  And since the penalty for having a part time employee work 30 hours is huge, all the part time employees are cut to 20 hours just to give a safe cushion against accidental overage.

Because a full time workweek is effectively now 20 hours instead of 40, overnight you’ve doubled the amount of jobs in the economy!  This is a good thing, right?  Nope.  The amount of work one person can do in an hour is called “One Man Hour.”  This is ignoring the differences in work between an Engineer and a grocery bagger.  If you add up all of the jobs and the amount of time they would take, you’d have a certain number of Man Hours that the current economy requires.

Cutting the Full Time Workweek from 40 hours down to 20 doesn’t magic more money into the economy.  In a real economy there is only a finite amount of money, and there is only a set number of Man Hours required.  The money to man hour ratio doesn’t change.  The economy isn’t more prosperous just because you artificially cut the Unemployment rate down.  Since the workers are now working less, they are not as efficient as if they had a full time job. 

So not only has the money to man hour ratio not changed, but worked efficiency is down and the economy is worse yet!

Fortunately for us, it won’t get too much worse as long as the US Population isn’t growing.  Or if 30 million illegal immigrants are about to be legalized.  Either of those would really put the final nail in the coffin of the American Economy.

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6 Responses to What is a Job?

  1. tiffany267 says:

    I would have reblogged this piece my dear, if not for the sickeningly irrational immigrant comment. So sorry to see this type of thing from you.

  2. The latest immigration “reform” proposal assumes that there is ~12 million illegal immigrants in this country as it stands. That is a conservative estimate, by the way. If Amnesty is passed under the latest proposal, not only would the ~12 million illegal immigrants be allowed to stay, but invitations would be sent out to the ~17 million family members of the illegal immigrants to immediately immigrate. Not an invitation to apply to immigrate, mind you, but immediate accepted immigration. And that 17 million people is just an estimate.

    When the economy needs to create ~200k jobs per month just to keep up with natural population growth, growing the workforce by ~30,000k people over night will not have any positive effects on the economy.

    It would be irrational to deny growing the population if businesses were all clamoring for full time workers, but it is downright silliness to grow the country by 10% when the work force participation rate is at an all time low.

    • tiffany267 says:

      You and I are free individuals, just as each of the so-called illegal immigrants you mentioned is. Each one of us has a natural right to move freely where ever we like and to work for any employer that will accept us to be hired (or not to work at all, if we so choose). None of us has a legitimate authority to deny anyone else this right.

      This talk of engineering the economy astonishes me, coming from you. If the population is too great to support itself, then rational people will consider moving and/or stop breeding (I don’t see a reason anyone needs to breed in the first place, but that’s another point entirely). Denying people access to employment based on one’s own terror of what might result from the free movement of people and capital is not only illogical but also wrong.

      By the way, people are never illegal. The only reason we have “legal/illegal” immigration is because of the State. Take away all the bs paperwork, fees, and bureaucracy, and all you are left with is human beings with hopes and dreams. Immigration symbolizes everything liberty and capitalism stand for. No silly State regulations can make that vision, or the people who possess it, illegal.

      • One of the worst things that could happen in Society is a second set of rules. For example, if I drive under the influence, I get punished. If an illegal drives under the influence, they get forgiven.

        If I want to get a job, not only do I have to pay taxes and have other things withheld from my paycheck, but the employer has to pay extra on top of the costs for the “privilege” of having an employee. If I get paid $10 an hour, I cost the employer about $20 an hour and I “receive” $7.50 an hour (or less). If an employer hires an Illegal Alien, not only does the employee not pay any taxes, but the employer doesn’t pay any extra. The illegal alien makes $10 an hour cash, costs the employer $10 an hour cash, and takes home $10 an hour.

        Now if I want to sign up for Welfare, I show them my W-2, and since I am officially making money, I am denied for Welfare. And for foodstamps. And for medicaid. If an illegal alien wants to sign up for Welfare, they don’t have a W-2 and are officially making no money. They get FULL benefits. And FULL foodstamps. And FULL medicaid. So not only are they making $10 per hour cash, they are getting welfare, foodstamps and medicaid. And at no point, paying taxes.

        And when Amnesty rolls out, the illegals are forgiven for all of their previous felonies, misdemeanors and summaries, and forgiven for all the taxes they haven’t spent. If I commit a felony, I go to jail, if I don’t pay taxes, squads of SWAT teams attack me.

  3. tiffany267 says:

    Darling, my dearest:

    I won’t even go into my doubts that anyone without documents is somehow going to access SNAP benefits without getting caught. The more critical thing is that, as I mentioned earlier, I cannot tolerate this bizarre, sickening attitude that human beings can be illegal. Unfortunately, though when I first “met” you here on WP, I had the hugest intellectual crush on you, I now feel gross talking to you. I cannot begin to express how pathetic and childish it is to be jealous of third-world individuals who have the guts to risk their lives and move to another area looking for work, instead of focusing on the parasitic system that taxes you.

    My sweetest pirate friend, now is the time to part. I’m unfollowing you.

    May you have the wind at your sails and the waters on your side.

    Buh bye.

    In love of liberty.

    • http://www.fairus.org/images/content/pagebuilder/113536.jpg Federal Expenditures on Illegal Aliens, including Medicaid, Education, and Public Assistance. This is not counting the amount of money the states pay, which dwarfs the federal payments.

      For example, California had a budget shortfall of about $14.4 billion in 2011. Illegal Aliens cost the state a net of $21.8 billion. If tomorrow all the illegal aliens decided that Canada was better than the US, then California’s budget would be completely fixed in one year if nothing else changed.

      As it stands right now, there is no requirement to ask for, or verify legal status in most of the public assistance programs. Is it a coincidence that people with no official income use assistance programs at a rate of 71%?

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