State of Affairs in the Union.

In a few days President Barack Obama will give the annual State of the Union address where he talks about, in front of congress, all that is going well in the United States, all that isn’t going well, and his plans for the future. But since the President thinks that all is mostly right with this country, it is necessary to address the real State of the Union.


The Unemployment Rate is down! Hooray! There aren’t actually more people working, though. There are fewer people working today than there was a month ago, and a month previous, and a year previous, and half a decade previous. Labor Force Participation Rate is at a 40 year low. But the unemployment rate is down! Once a person is unemployed for a certain amount of time, that person is no longer counted as “Looking For Work.” And without creating a single job, without making a single person’s life better, the unemployment rate goes down! The cited unemployment rate is 6.7%. The REAL rate of persons unemployed is in excess of 25%.


The GDP increased this past year by 4% (estimated). The Economy is growing, hooray! But the federal reserve is inflating the economy by $1,250,000,000,000 per year. When M3 (the amount of cash supply + the amount of money in banks) is $10,000,000,000,000 per year, the Federal Reserve has in effect, created an inflation of 12.5%. So the economy has grown by 4%, but your money is worth 12.5% less. In effect, the economy has shrunk 9%. And the same goes for every year that Quantitative Easing has been in use.


Obamacare is kicking in, hooray! Nevermind that it costed us almost three quarters of a billion dollars to build the Obamacare website. Nevermind that the no-bid contract for the website went to a close personal friend of Michelle Obama’s for a company in canada. Nevermind that they couldn’t successfully get it deployed in time. Nevermind that it is one of the least secure websites on the whole of the internet. Nevermind that thousands have already had their data and personal information exposed. Nevermind that the website has no way of knowing if it has been breached. Nevermind that hundreds of thousands of people have signed up, and paid, and yet many insurance companies havne’t received a single filled in form. Nevermind that these people are showing up to get healthcare and are being told that they don’t have insurance. Nevermind that even for the people that have legitimately signed up, the Government still hasn’t figured out how to pay the health care providers. Nevermind that the millions of young and healthy people that the entire system is relying on to transfer their wealth in to the system haven’t yet signed up, in the biggest Wealth Redistribution Scheme in 20 generations. Nevermind that thousands of doctors are leaving this boondoggle, further straining the system. Nevermind that while some people are getting covered that weren’t before, it is MORE expensive for everyone, and everyone receives lower quantity and quality of coverage. Just remember that Obamacare is in effect, hooray!


Both sides of Congress are working to make the illegal aliens legal, hooray! Don’t worry that there are many rapists, murderers, felons, criminals and tax cheats among them. They will be forgiven when they are made legal! Don’t worry that we have a real unemployment rate of 25%. We’re going to legalize 30 million new workers! Don’t worry that the 12 million (minimum) already here won’t have to pay their back taxes. They’ll pay a simple fine that will be many, many, many times less than what they owe! Don’t worry about the illegals illegally receiving welfare, food stamps, social security, social security disability and house assistance. They are receiving those benefits anyway, so nothing will change! Don’t worry about the 18 million (estimated) family members that will be given immediate green cards and invitations to come to America. We’ll have already driven the car off the cliff at that point, what’s a few more bodies to change anything!? Don’t worry about the millions of “Anchor Babies” despite there not being a single word of law that says they are automatically citizens. Our children are forced to learn spanish to help them! Don’t worry about what would happen to you if you illegally entered their home country and tried to make residence. You would be housed in a beautiful prison that would make the gulag look like a vacation retreat! We’re making the illegal aliens legal, hooray!


So to sum up the state of the union (for now), we are broke, unemployed, about to be more unemployed, our money is worth less every day, the economy is shrinking, and either we can’t get healthcare, or we can’t afford healthcare now. Hooray! Well done Obama and the rest of the Government!


Sorry it has been a while since my last update. I’ve been working several ideas through my head but they were nothing worth posting. I’ve got a couple good ones coming. One concerns repealing the Bill of Rights. It will be a good one.

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