Businesses’ Freedom to Choose.

I normally don’t directly comment on news stories, but I can feel my outrage building over the hot news out of Arizona.

For a background, please see my post on what Real Rights are:

Entitlements are never rights.  Never.  Claiming an entitlement as a right means you are claiming someone else as your slave.  Choice is the ultimate freedom in this world.  Choosing what to do, how to act, choosing our beliefs…

Businesses naturally have the right to refuse service to anyone they want.  At least, they should.  These reasons can be as simple as someone not wearing shoes, or it could be as complex or as mean as refusing someone on the basis of race.  Businesses should be free to choose who they serve, and suffer the consequences of such a decision.

Outlawing businesses from discriminating may seem like the righteous path from the outside, but forcing businesses and people to do that which they believe abhorrent is the greatest evil.  This is because the business is no longer a free enterprise that can choose to do business how they wish, but they are now slaves to the people that wish it.

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