The costs of Immigration

Except for a few situations like temporary migrant workers, it is largely a myth that illegal immigrants get paid a low wage. Illegals often get paid roughly the same wage as regular citizens do, but it’s all in cash with no taxes. I don’t know if you’ve ever run a business, but your employer pays extra taxes, fines and fees over and above what he pays you, often times to the tune of 50-100% of your base pay. I.E. Your salary may be X, but it costs an employer to pay you 2X.
One of the largest drivers of Poverty in this country is immigration, both legal and illegal. On one hand you have illegals taking jobs of low-skill workers pushing them into Welfare Programs. But like I mentioned before, because they aren’t paying taxes, they are driving down the wage scale for anyone who works in a similar job (be it construction, McDonalds, or just menial labor). Someone once said, “A rising tide lifts all ships,” and the inverse is true. Driving down the wages of all workers, legal or not, drives down the general wealth of society.
On the other hand you have Legal Immigration, which is also one of the main factors driving Poverty in this country, namely through H1B Visas. Ideally the H1B program is used to “cherry pick” highly skilled people from other countries in order to fill highly technical jobs in the United States. In reality, the H1B program is used to bring in outside cheap labor to take over jobs that are already filled. In essence they are importing their outsourcing. I’m sure you’ve heard the horror stories recently about workers being forced to train their own replacement H1B workers, who should be skilled but aren’t.
This may seem like a Xenophobic rant, and I’m sure a few brainless liberals will dismiss it as such.  But there is nothing to be afraid of concerning the immigrants themselves.  These people just want to make their lives better.  That doesn’t mean we have to or even should let them make their lives better at the expense of our lives and way of living.  What we should be afraid of are the politicians in both parties that sell out the American worker in order to appease big business or the bleeding hearts concerned for the welfare of people who aren’t Americans.  We should be afraid of Politicians that gleefully sell Americans into servitude of the Social Welfare system.  It is no coincidence that as Illegal Immigration is spiking with promises of amnesty and outright cash bonuses for being Illegals, and that businesses are laying off workers to hire H1B workers that more Americans than ever are on Welfare, Food Stamps, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability, and countless other programs.
It is the largest case of double-dealing I’ve ever seen.  The politicians expect to get (and probably will get) the votes of the Illegal Immigrants when they get amnesty.  The politicians expect to get (and probably will get) the votes of the American Workers that no longer have jobs after getting them enrolled in every social program on the face of the earth.  They want the votes of the people who were fired and the people who got them fired.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
My next post will concern how to fix the situation.  And it’ll be a little bit more detailed then just “kick them all out.”
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