It’s after labor day!

It is after labor day!

So you know what that means!  CHRISTMAS CAROLS TIME.




On a more serious note, I have a couple posts written, I’m just editing them because I don’t like the flow and how they end and how Obama is ruining the country.

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Lack of Judgements

One of the big problems with America, and in fact the world, is the Lack of Judgements.  Now, I don’t mean the problem is the “Lack of Judgement” in which a bunch of teenagers try to jump the creek using a dirt bike and a shopping cart.

I mean the Lack of Judgements, that is the ability to make a decision with your own mind and place that decision ahead of all the decisions of everyone else.  Basically to trust your own mind ahead of all the minds of other people.

I’ve been working on this article for a long time, but a very interesting conversation with my Sister pushed me into finishing it.  During the course of the conversation, I directly asked her if she trusted her own judgement above everyone else’s.  And she gave me the worst answer.  She didn’t say, “No.”  She absolutely refused to answer the question.  She couldn’t say, “Yes” that she trusted her own mind to make better judgements than all else, and she couldn’t say, “No” that she didn’t trust her own mind to make better judgements than anyone else.

This astounded me.  I grew up trusting my judgement as the most important thing in the world.  If anyone ever gave me an example of why something is the way it is, say for example out of pure coincidence a mathematical proof, I never trusted their judgement, but my own judgement to verify it.

Human Beings are the first animals in the world that grow up, evolve and advance not based off of the strength of their muscles, but off of the power of their brains.  Fire wasn’t invented by the mealy mouthed pussy who sat around wondering others were doing at the mouth of the cave.  Steel wasn’t invented by the coward who wondered how the other metallurgists would think of him.  The Automobile wasn’t mass produced for the first time by a tiny little man who didn’t know if he was right or wrong.

The world is made better by men and women who are willing to risk everything by saying, “I am right, and 7,113,699,999 people are wrong.”  These are the people that don’t ask for a conference committee and consider what the board says.

Unfortunately my sister isn’t the first person I’ve come across to not hold their own judgements above all else.

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Why 0.999… Does Not Equal 1.

Several months back I was perusing my favorite forum when someone posted the fanciful notion that 0.999… (repeating to infinity) equals 1.  As I proceeded to destroy this silly notion point by point I discovered that this concept is widely accepted as true.

I did my best Barney Stinson in a Superman Pose and said, “Challenge Accepted!”

Here is the paper I’ve written that highlights nine different proofs about why 0.999 =/= 1.

It is a small PDF document that I will add to as I get more proofs why 0.999… =/= 1.


Also I’d like to apologize for the lack of content on this blog.  I’ve been working on these proofs for a while.  The proof #9 had me hung up for 2 weeks.  If it hadn’t popped into my head late, late at night as I was trying to get to bed I’m not sure if I would have ever figured it out.

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Government is a destructive entity.

Yes, you read that right.  Government is a destructive entity.  It is NOT a constructive entity.  It is no coincidence that Government excels in all activities that are explicitly destructive in nature, and flounders in all activities that are constructive.  Even the most basic of Government functions is inherently destructive.

Government has three basic functions.  Every other function, cause, or crusade the Government tries to take up is inherently corrupt.  The first basic function of Government is to punish the criminals.  Note that it is not their job to actively prevent criminality, but to catch, and punish those that break the law.  The laws are set forth by the representatives of society, and it’s the job of the Government to find, catch, and punish those that break the laws.

The second basic function is that the Government is there to protect us from other Governments.  Not every country in the world is wholesome, nor wants to be friends.  So we need our own soldiers and the best military technology to protect us from their soldiers.  If you want peace, prepare for war.

The third basic function of Government is to protect the borders.  A country without borders is not a country at all.  There will always be people, criminals and outlaws that wish to raid the treasuries and resources of a country.  And if they raid across our border, and then back out, there is little our government can do to protect us.

Every other function or activity the Government tries to do is inherently destructive.  But Dannes, you may ask, how could doing something like curing cancer of the cute and cuddly puppies be destructive?  It is destructive because Governments cost money, and that money doesn’t magic itself into existence.  That money is taken under threat and penalty of death from the United States Citizens.

If you don’t pay your income taxes, what will happen?  They’ll send someone out to investigate you and charge you with a crime.  But what if you have all your money in cash?  They’ll get a judgement against you, and send someone out to collect it.  But what if you lock your doors?   Then they will send men out with guns to bust down your doors.  But what if you refuse to hand the cash over?  Then they will shoot and kill you.

That may seem like a stretch at first, but it is the ultimate end result of non-compliance with the Government.  Because of this, it serves as a measure of what the Government should be doing.  Is it worth it to kill one person who refuses to pay taxes when the tax revenue would be used to cure Puppy Cancer?  Of course not.

Is it worth it to kill one person who refuses to pay taxes that would be spent on our United States Military when the Barbarians are at the door?  Maybe.  The answer then isn’t “Yes,” but it’s definitely not a “No.”  If Canada invaded tomorrow and enslaves everyone, would that tax money that wasn’t collected from someone refusing to pay have helped?  Definitely.

If criminals were running wild and it was anarchy on the streets, could the tax money that is hiding overseas help catch and punish them?  Definitely.

Don’t think that the three basic functions are constructive, either.  The three basic functions of Government are destructive, too.  It’s just that the consequences of Government not performing them are more destructive than the damage they can do by attempting to fund their activities.

With this in mind, you start to get a sense about the Government, and how immoral most of its actions is.  Remembering that all taxation is based in deadly force, is it worth it to build a welfare system?  Is it worth it to be the World’s Police?  Is it worth it to kill one American in order to send literal pallets of $100 bills to other countries that don’t like us?

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Second easiest path to the solutions of America’s problems.

In my other post, I described how repealing the 17th Amendment would be the easiest solution for most of America’s problems.  The second easiest path is to repeal the 16th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

There are some misconceptions about the 16th Amendment.  Most believe that the 16th Amendment legalized Income Taxes.  This is wrong.  Income taxes were always legal from the start of our Constitutional Republic.  There were many times when there was an Income Tax before the passage of the 16th Amendment.

What the 16th Amendment changed was how the income tax could be spent.  Before the 16th, every single cent collected through an income tax needed to be spent equally on everyone.  If the US contained 1 million people, and it collected $1 million from whatever income source, it would need to spend $1 on every single person.  After the 16th Amendment, the US Government could spend that $1 million however they wished.

Before the 16th, the US Government could be called to task for how it spent the collected income taxes, and if it was spent unequally, the tax would be void, and the money refunded.  As you can probably see, in a time with no Excel Spreadsheets, computers or calculators, it can very hard to spend everything equally.  So the result was that there wasn’t an income tax most of the time, and several times when there was an income tax that it was successfully challenged and repealed.

But after the 16th Amendment, they could spend it however they wish.  It is no coincidence that the worse excesses of Nanny-Statism, and government corruption only arose after the Senators and Representatives were not responsible for how they spent the money.  It is no coincidence that the rise of the Welfare State came after the 16th Amendment, and not before.  It is no coincidence that an entire class of people that were created and vote solely for the one political power that loot the treasury and give it to them, came into existence after the 16th Amendment was ratified.

The repeal of the 17th Amendment would introduce reason and restraint back into the legislative process.  The repeal of the 16th Amendment would introduce strict controls and restrictions on the legislative purse.  These repealed individually will do a lot to correct the course of the republic.  Repealed together and the republic would practically be saved.

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The easiest paths to solving America’s problems.

There are many problems in the United States, and few different ways to fix them.  But there is one thing we can do that is the easiest out of all the solutions, and would probably go the farthest to fixing the majority of our problems.

That is the Repeal of the 17th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Before the 17th amendment, United States Federal Government Senators were chosen and elected by the State Legislatures.  After, the Senators were chosen directly by the people very similarly to US Representatives.

But the founding fathers set it up that way for a specific purpose.  It explicitly gives the States a seat at the Federal Government’s Table.  If the people of the United States said, “We want to give every single person a quadrillion dollars!” the States would say, “We don’t have a quadrillion dollars for each person,” and vote no.

If the House of Representatives wrote a bill that said every state should lower the speed limit to 55 MPH, or lose all federal funding, the Senate, which is answerable to the states, would say no.  If the House of Representatives said that the drinking age should be raised to 21 or the states will lose federal highway funding, the Senators would say, “No thanks, we’ll handle our own affairs and not be bullied to do what we don’t want to do.”

But that all went up in a puff of smoke with the 17th Amendment.  Suddenly the Senators are answering to the people directly, and the states have no seat at the table.  At all.  And with mentioning that any talk of leaving the union will be met with violence, States no longer have any real power in governing the country, and governing themselves.

It is no coincidence that when both houses of the legislature are given directly to the people, that the people run hog wild.  It is no coincidence that we are sitting on more debt from the past 6 years than all the previous years combined ever created.  It is no coincidence that the country has started to fold when the people voted themselves a “Quadrillion dollars for every single person” (figuratively).

Repealing the 17th amendment would introduce a voice of reason to this Lord of the Flies scenario.  It would introduce an entity that knows absolutely that the money doesn’t magic out of thin air, and has to be paid for, one way or another.  This entity would vote “No” to any pork project because they know that its own individual state will be fleeced to pay for it.

Repealing the 17th amendment to the united states constitution would go the furthest to reintroducing sanity and order to our failing society.

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Lack of Shame.

One of the greatest problems with America as it stands, is its current Lack of Shame.  Shame is the feeling your conscience gets when caught doing something you are not proud of.  It’s hard to describe it without using the word Shamed, or Ashamed.

Let me give you two examples.

Al Roker recently talked about a visit to the White House.  Apparently one of the consequences of Stomach Surgery to fix Obesity is lack of solid stool, so that you are unaware of the difference between a fart, and liquid poo.  So basically while visiting the White House Al Roker thought he had to fart.  He tried to quietly fart to himself, and ended up shitting his pants.  But worse still, he admitted doing this.  He announced to the world that he shit his pants.  And that he did it in the white house.  Everyone now knows that Al Roker shit his pants at the White House, and that Al Roker thinks its funny.

This is the kind of secret that men would take to their graves while staying up at night secretly dreading that someone should find out.  This is the kind of secret that if someone tried to blackmail you for, you’d either consider paying the blackmailer, or killing him.

This is the kind of secret where in a society that should be shamed by such actions, is proudly pronounced off the rooftops.

How about another example.

After the 777 plane crash in San Francisco, there was an article about the people of South Korea.  The gist of the article was that the people of South Korea were shamed because of the crash.  The entire country felt shame that a pilot and a co-pilot weren’t able to perform up to standards, and that people suffered because of it.  Here is a group of people that 99.9999999% had nothing to do with the training of the pilot, the servicing of the plane, the IL System being down, or being on the plane, yet they feel shame for the performance of a single person.

Look at the dichotomy.  On one hand you have one person proudly proclaiming something that a 5 year old would be ashamed of and try to hide, and on the other you have a group of people who feel shamed for something that they had no responsibility for.

This isn’t an isolated case for the United States, either.  Welfare, Food Stamps and other social programs used to be a safety net that were only taken by a person under extreme duress and need.  People were ashamed to use them, and rightfully so.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to be uplifted by the stolen fruits of another American’s labor.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to stand in the line at the grocery store and pull out Food Stamps.  It used to be embarrassing for an American to stand in an Unemployment line.

No longer.

Americans now get an EBT card that looks exactly like a Credit Card.  Americans now get an automated system they can call into or post online that grants them Unemployment Compensation.

Worse yet, governments of all levels have begun to advertise for people to get on the programs.  You see the Ads on TV and in the Radios.  And they are advertised as “Healthy Alternative Lifestyles” / life choices.  Like if someone wanted to lose weight they could just get on Food Stamps!

Americans brag about being on these programs.  They are only concerned with how they are going to get theirs, with no thought about how it is going to be paid for, who is going to pay for it, and when they’ll be able to pay it back.

There is no sense of shame left in this society.  How can we progress if people are not ashamed of their own actions?

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