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A “Service” economy is a dead economy.

You’ve probably often heard that the United States is transforming from a Manufacturing Economy to a Service Economy, and that is OK!  What a bunch of crap. (See: https://dannesrepossessions.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/what-wealth-is/ for a discussion on some of the concepts in this post.) … Continue reading

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The Foibles of the Redistribution of Wealth

Now that we understand what Wealth really is (see: https://dannesrepossessions.wordpress.com/2013/05/17/what-wealth-is/ ), we can understand the bad things that will happen when society treats Wealth and Wealth Creation flippantly. Liberals often talk about the redistribution of wealth and the problems of … Continue reading

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What wealth is.

To really understand society, economics, and what makes the world better, you need to understand what Wealth is, where it comes from, what creates it, and what it is used for.  Wealth is not money.  Wealth is not gold.  Wealth … Continue reading

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